The Office of Inclusion and Diversity will open applications for the President’s Graduate Opportunity Program (PGOP) in January 2021. Successful applicants will receive a $10,000 PGOP Fellowship per year that will be dispensed through Auburn University’s Financial Aid Office, monthly.

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must:

  • hold an earned degree from an accredited institution
  • be a U.S. Citizen
  • meet admission standards of the Graduate School and the doctoral program in which they seek to enroll and
  • be recommended for the PGOP award by that academic department or unit.

Priority will be given to incoming PhD students.  Students must also have a graduate assistantship (GA), a graduate teaching assistantship (GTA), or a graduate research assistantship (GRA) that provides a tuition waiver.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Potential candidates for the PGOP will apply online and submit a résumé, a letter of interest which identifies the proposed area of doctoral study, two letters of reference, and a transcript.

Each candidate must submit an official transcript and two letters of reference to:

Office of Inclusion and Diversity
RE: PGOP Transcript
108 M. W. Smith Hall
381 Mell Street
Auburn, University, AL 36849 – 5168